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Raising Philosophy

We raise money from investors that understand the true value of converting ideas to working products that can be tested almost instantly. These investors understand that in this early stage of the game, most of the ideas that turn into products aren't going to make it. They don't get scared when a product fails. They don't scared when a product pivots. They know that tech product investment is a numbers game and that by placing enough bets, they'll come out tops. But most of all, they know that the bets we place will not take years to be called.

Investment Philosophy

We invest in very early stage ideas with a very strict MVP policy that requires you to prove your model quickly, to fail fast and to get real customer feedback before you make any sort of pivot. We like to invest in teams with strong operations cores and a product development cycle that fits our framework. If you want to take your idea to the market to find out if it really is a good idea. We're the partner for you.